FaceTimed Good-bye to a Loved One.

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Sal Aragona (August 18, 1929 – April 23, 2020)

Today, Wednesday, April 29th, we drove to Rose Safina’s house to FaceTime the burial service of her brother, Sal Aragona. Sal passed away last week from long-term health issues. He left peacefully surrounded by his daughters. Due to concerns over taking Rose to the cemetery in these times requiring social distancing, Carl thought it best to connect virtually. Such are times under COVID-19.

Rainy Wednesday morning on Northern State Parkway.
Rose at her kitchen window.
Cady’s eyes lighten a somber day.
The call from the cemetery.
Chula consoles.
Carl Safina in center with his mother, Rose Safina, and Uncle Sal Aragona in 2007. In his younger days Sal enjoyed reproducing works by old master painters. The paintings below are just a couple of his reproductions that hang in his home.

Carl’s boyhood memories of his uncle include wonderful fishing trips on the Happy Days, a boat partly owned by Sal. They would leave from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn in search of bluefish, striped bass, and bluefin tuna. When Carl’s father, Carlo, died in 1989, Sal checked regularly on his sister Rose to make sure she was okay. The siblings were very close. This kind-hearted and talented man will be deeply missed.

Backyard greet and bark with the neighbors. Keeping a social distance.
On the return home, signs and empty midday highways reinforce the state of our lives in these surreal times.
A brief stop where life feels normal and resilient.

2 Replies to “FaceTimed Good-bye to a Loved One.”

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure this is very difficult for Rose. Not being able to actually go to the funeral is something we have not experienced before. You are all in my thoughts.

  2. Thank you Gina. Yes, not being able to grieve with other family members has been difficult for Rose. We’ll take her to visit the family and the cemetery when it is safe for her to travel.

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