This marsh and this nest have been constants in my life since 2003. Each year, around March 15th, I’ve awaited the ospreys’ return to this nest. Each year they have returned, and alway do their best to raise young. They’ve rarely failed, but even when they have they come back the next year and try again. The male was killed one year, but the female came back the next and attracted a new mate. Perseverance. This August 1st morning the female sits alone on her perch. Her young offspring have learned to fly and are out learning to hunt over the local waters. Soon she will start her migration back to her winter home in some South American country, the male will winter in another, separate vacations. The young will leave later to yet another southern location. I’ll await the adults’ return next year, and the following. Ospreys will continue to come every year when the marsh begins to turn green, even after I am no longer around to await their return. My favorite local raptor, the fish hawk, Pandion haliaetus.

Read my 2008 review of David Gessner’s Soaring with Fidel: An osprey odyssey from Cape Cod to Cuba and beyond in the American Birding Association’s Birding. ABA_Book Review_Gessner_2008

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